Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SACGHS and DTC testing

The SACGHS met this month and alloted 15 minutes to the CDC presentation on awareness to DTC tests. The CDC funded three states to study awareness of DTC testing as well as utilization of DTC testing. They also performed a national study. The presentation reviewed this data and of note there were some intersting findings

  1. Only 0.6% of the national population has used DTC tests (BTW that's 1.8 milllion people)

  2. 14% of the US population is aware of DTC testing

  3. 73% of those who were aware, heard through the media

  4. Yet over 60% who used the tests were directed by DOCTORS!!!!!!

In addition a survey was administered to physicians. This DocStyles study had 555 physicians who were aware of DTC testing. Of Those

  1. Only 4% of MDs report >10% of their patients asking for DTC testing

  2. And an amazing 93% of physicians report <1%>
  3. 96% of physicians report Journal Articles as the most trusted source for Genetic Testing Information. ONLY 6% report that other health professionals are a trusted source for Clinical Testing! (Does this include CGCs or Geneticists?)

  4. The majority of info physicians receive on DTC testing is from the media, not Journals.

The Sherpa Says: There are some limitations with the public studies. One thing is for sure.....The media has a powerful lock on distribution of this information. Did you hear that Mr Murdoch? I am truly scared that the physicians do not find other physicians knowledgeable or trustworthy. YIKES!!!!

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