Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Sherpa Posts Total 100!!!!

No I am not nearly as prolific as some of my contemporaries, but hey I have only been at this since March ;)

I hit the milestone of my 100th post today. In my championing, flaming, arguing, almost getting sued (Thanks San Fran!), and just plain out bashing quacks I have discovered some amazing people and some amazing sites. The following is a running tally of blogs I love. Some genetic, Some medicine, Some not so much.

I know that this only 14 blogs but each is worth its weight in gold. It is Thursday and July so forgive me but I have to deal with some new interns :)

The Sherpa Says: Thanks to all of you. I look forward to the announcement when I hit 500 posts! Let's keep our eyes open and realize that there are a whole lotta people out there trying to oversell genetic tests. Or even worse. Knowledge is just a set of unorganized facts. Wisdom is knowing where to find the answer. I will strive to give you that answer or at least have the wisdom to find it.

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Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC said...

Hey Steve

It rocks that I made your top blog list! Thanks!!

And I am fascinated to learn more about Personalized Medicine - sounds like it rates an interview and a podcast (I've just started podcasting) through The Entrepreneurial MD. Are you up for that?
If so, you can drop me a line at, and check out my other podcasts (just two) through to see if this works for you.

All the best and congrats on hitting a century!! (an old cricket term for getting 100 runs)

Warmest wishes

Philippa Kennealy