Friday, July 6, 2007

Taking Appointments For August

After Much Ado, Legal Wrangling and Getting the Practice up, we are now accepting patients!!!! We have dates available in August. I have to tell you how very excited I am about this revolutionary style of medical practice. Heck, even when I talked with Dr Collins he was excited.

The biggest problem with genetic care as well as primary care is its true lack of continuity. Helix Health of Connecticut of CT will fix that problem and more. Yes, I know you may be thinking "Gosh, this is a shameless plug for his personalized medical practice"

You are correct it is completely shameless. It is a revolution. The future of health care is about to change in a big way.................


Anonymous said...

As a prospective genetic counseling student, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to refer patients to Helix Health of Connecticut if needed so based on the following examples: (i) let’s say I see a patient who made an appointment themselves (not a referral) and the person was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and if the oncologists at the clinical I would work for don't partake in personalized medicine, could I refer the patient to you for personalized treatment if their insurance covers it, (ii) could I refer any patient to you that has a genetic condition so the patient can get the best medical treatment available for their genetic condition (be seen by a doctor trained in genetics), (iii) and if the clinical geneticist I would work for, or some other physician in the clinic I could consult with don’t’ know what management to do, could I refer the patient to you for recommended case management?

Steve Murphy MD said...

Send me an email and we can chat.
Take Care