Saturday, June 16, 2007

Forbes and Genetics Part Two

Given the recent emails I have received I will now present the other author to the 12 Gene Tests That Could Change Your Life Matthew Herper. It turns out I am not the only person trying to find out who Matt Herper is. But I am slightly daunted given the fact that WikiAnswers hasn't been able to answer this question.

Why investigate the authors? Because they are telling you that these tests could CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Frankly, I wonder who advised either of these guys. True, they are medical writers for several years. But there is always someone who advises a writer......

So once again I dial up spy-engine Google.....

Mr. Herper focuses on science and medicine both for the print and online editions of Forbes and is tasked with devoting about half of his time to each.

What kind of Bio is that? So he is under 30 years old. So that tells me something. He is not likely a PhD or MD although he could be either without post doc training..... Wait a second.....Under 30? I bet he has a LinkedIn profile. I know that I do.

Bingo Whoah. I got the feeling that he is hiding his credentials. Why? Even his profile is extremely spartan. Sketchy.....He moderated a biotech Industry panel and I thought his credits might be found luck

Finally 11 pages deep into the google search I find this From the Counterpoint Archives at MIT

Matt Herper '99 (
drinks occasionally but finds that reefer makes him ill.

Graduated in '99 could be 29 now....Sounds like we have our power player. Guess what MIT and Matt Herper find.....Friendster Impressive bio. Nothing here nor there indicating his opinion on Myriad or deCODE.

So now that I have identified the authors. We can take a look at the tests one by one.
First up Complement Factor H polymorphisms.......

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