Saturday, June 16, 2007

Forbes and Genetic Part 3...The Genes

So after that long and drawn out search I am most interested with the genes that these guys chose and why they chose them. I am surprised this article wouldn't have been written by a scientist or maybe a clinician. They would probably be in a better position to say how these gene polymorphisms/tests will perform.

  1. Complement Factor H LOC387715; In people with bad copies of these genes, chances of macular degeneration progressing from an early, mild form to a severe one increase 10-fold to almost 50%, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Ok so this is true. There is another gene HTRA1 that should have been included. Together these two gene polymorphisms increase your risk of AMD by 40 fold! Also there should have been some mention of the fact that there is some preventative measures you can take now with this disease including eye drops, antioxidants and diet (Fish). Also carotenoids (so eat your carrots!) Or you once you get AMD you could get injections into your eyeballs to prevent progression...Carrots are sounding a whole lot better! 1st round.......Forbes 1 Sherpa 0
  2. The next up Apolipoprotein Epsilon 4 variant. The problem...Alzheimers Disease, we have gone over this problem before here. Jim Watson PhD knew that this predisposition was iffy at best. But as I state in my previous post perhaps with analyzing GAB2 we can come up with a clearer picture. But if Dr Watson doesn't want the results....Why should you. I gotta say this pick is pretty poor...for now. Especially because they don't even mention the possibility of modifier genes or Prevention (any ideas?) Round 2......Sherpa 1 Forbes 1
  3. Number 3 isn't even a gene. It is a linkage locus. Chromosome 9p21 and the name deCODE shows up! OMG, this one has got me hopping mad. There are so many other linkages, why does this one show up? This increases your risk by 30% only if you are a Caucasian Perhaps a genetic panel should be mentioned. Well, I could name 4 polymoprhisms that show greater risk. And a family member with a heart attack at any age increases your risk 250% take that deCODE! Round 3 goes to the Sherpa, ....Sherpa 3 Forbes 1

The Sherpa Says: I think breaking these up into groups of 3 will be better for all of us. Tomorrow I will write about 4-6. Are you already getting the sense that these guys had no clue what they were talking about?

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Berci Meskó said...

You mean Sherpa 2: Forbes 1 :)

Anyway, that happens when non-experts try to sell an article to the public (it's called scientific yellow press...)

It's dangerous because people will think these tests are perfect and sacrosanct.