Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Personalized Medicine CPMC is the Gold Standard Study


So I just wrapped up a meeting with some, well, nearly all of the most brilliant minds in Pharmacogenomics. Where was I? Yes, on the cover of USA Today's life section.....But where was I really?

Conference? No.

VC event? No.

I was at the Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC) Pharmacogenomics Advisory Group meeting.

I am certain you all know about the CPMC now. But in case you have been sleeping.

Coriell is climbing the mountain, gaining collaborators, building camps. They are essentially doing all the hard work of study analysis so that you don't have to.

Brilliant if you ask me.

Who in the world has the time or money to cull data, looking for important findings?

Google funded "projects", Academic Programs and Not For Profits.

Who do you trust to give you unbiased reports?


Who is the NFP here? Coriell.

Why will CPMC win this battle? Even 23andSerge agree that CPMC is the gold standard

1. They have independent advisors and scientists

2. They have nearly all the best independent advisors and scientists

3. They have the support of the government, the community and oh yeah, the FDA isn't investigating them......

4. They have Mike Christman.

5. They have a team who believe in this moral imperative, not a pay check or stock options.

I vowed never to post what transpires at these meetings, but rest assured, it was truly academic heated debate with egos left at the door. This is precisely what you want when someone is going to tell you what your genetic material means for you.
The Sherpa Says: Coriell is on to something here. Something so valuable when the 1000 genomes and the rest of the genomes go public. Someone has to make sense of it all and study what it means......I am proud to be a part of it.

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Joe said...

It's GREAT to hear about people working on important stuff like this, while not letting egos get in the way. I'd love to get my DNA analyzed to see what I'm most at risk of. Of course, it'd be cooler if you could share more details, but I can understand why you can't :)

What kind of software is used by CPMC? The company I'm at specializes in gene discovery (and related) software, which sounds like it would be a good fit with CPMC's work.

Here's our company's website, just in case you'd want to get in touch with us. Sorry if this sounds spammy, but I'd love to be able to contribute on a project like CPMC.