Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anne Wojicki, First Benadryl doping, now Factor V

I was actually watching the Charlie Rose interview with the 23andMx ladies....When Charlie Asks what the advantage of 23andMx is.

Anne and Linda both say
"The problem with the GWAS is that you aren't followed over time. You get one shot and people can't give you further information"

What Anne and Linda are saying is: The Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative is the gold standard, we are merely trying to monetize something they are doing for FREE.

In addition, we are not IRB approved and are unethically doing this business, which is ultimately research. Which IS being done by a Not For Profit Medical Institution, Who is charging nothing I.E. FREE, and we would like to do what they are, but charge you 399 and have the right to sell your data......

Oh and did we mention that Google just put another 2.6 million into our bank accounts?????

But probably the funniest thing Anne had to say was at
minute 18 of the clip on the PGP site..... Anne says "It's early, but there is a lot of interesting and valuable data in there (the genome scan)"

She then goes on to say
"For Instance, there is a genetic marker for Blood Clots called Factor Five Leiden. Charlie, I am certain you must travel a lot. Wouldn't you like to know if you were at risk for these clots?"

That is when it hit me, for the 3000th time.

A.Neither of these ladies is in medicine
B. Neither of these ladies are PhD scientists
C. Neither of these ladies understand what it really means to be carrying out this type of study.


2. Promoting Factor V Leiden testing despite evidence to the contrary and a HUGE AHRQ report
3. Doping up their kid for transcontinental flights with benadryl!
4. She even said you might want to take medications for Factor V Leiden!

Why is the world listening to these silly ladies????

Why aren't they listening to themselves?

They both plainly stated, Coriell is the best study and that they want to be Coriell, without ever mentioning the name Coriell.

But the best line in the ENTIRE interview came when she said "With budgets these days, you may or may not end up flying economy class these days........." Charlie quips "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU FLEW BUSINESS CLASS?"

The Sherpa Says: There you have it, 23andMx's leadership endorsing Coriell's study. For FREE, not 399 USD. Oh and with an IRB and without Google.......


Anonymous said...

This 23andMx company sounds terrible. They're even infringing on 23andMe's trademark!

Anar said...

wow. thanks for pointing this out!

John said...

Sherpa - why don't you set up a Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative informed consent session in CT or NYC for us locals to join and spit?

Steve Murphy MD said...


A great idea......coming soon......


jenkidd said...

Where is CPMC located? Texas is interested!

cariaso said...

Anne was speaking about rs6025 R506Q while you were discussing rs1799963 G20210A.

Steve Murphy MD said...

No Mike,
I am speaking about Factor V AND GP20210a......

the AHRQ report details both.....


Either way you slice it, irresponsible. She is the CEO of a company that tests for these things, as a spokeswoman, she should know that AHRQ came out.....if she cared about utility she would have had a better shot.