Monday, March 1, 2010

G2C2, finally a tool for genomic education!

Has anyone visited or registered for G2C2 at UVA? I have been championing for years, the addition of Physicians' Assistants and Nurses into the field of Medical Genetics.

Why? Well, for one, unlike genetic counselors, PAs and Nurses have rigorous physiology courses. Now with PGx, they also are important players because they actually prescribe medications and have pharmacology knowledge. Unlike Genetic Counselors.....

But most importantly, there are thousands of them. No, not 3000, hundreds of thousands in total.

According to GenomeWeb

The center provides cross-mapped learning activities and assessments, outcome indicators and professional competencies, such as Genomics Nursing: Competencies, Curricula Guidelines, and Outcome Indicators.

These are key things for measuring educational outcomes and this will likely be a source of educational research. Something that is near and dear to my heart!

The Sherpa Says: We must educate to move this field forward en masse.


Unknown said...

Let's not forget about the pharmacists out there. There are a couple of players trying to educate but it is not nearly enough at this time.

Anonymous said...

hey Sherpa, did you see this apparent 4 Million Dollar payment by 23andMe to their founder Ann W? If true, it doesn't smell right, see: