Friday, February 26, 2010

I was wrong......AHEM


I was wrong. When GC said: “The GET Conference 2010 marks the last opportunity in history to gather a majority of individuals in the world with public personal genome sequences in a single venue,”

I said:

"That is a pretty heady statement by Dr. Church. Does he really think 2010 will be the year that 1000s of people will get whole genomes done?

I say, maybe a little hype. How about hundreds? Maybe...."

I said this with some conviction because I was uncertain that the companies out there would be able to use the genome samples as useful tools, like the exomes Church did or Watson's sequence from the Rothberg team........BTW, Nice release on the Ion Torrents stuff Jonathan. Will you be deploying it with 23andMe?

We will have 1000s of Genomes. Keith Robison took me to task too......but I still maintain that the spirit of what I said remains.

The quality of Genomes will not be such as that of Jimbo and the Boys and XXs up there on stage.......

However, I am paying attention to Ion Torrent and Rothberg's ability to juice this thing up quicker than we can imagine........check here on the 27th for an update.

Seriously, he is going to prove me dead wrong. When I met with him in sleepy 'Ol guilford out by the sound he had some exciting stuff going on. I only wish we could have spent more time together so I could learn about it.......

So my question remains, will George be right or will I? That's the challenge to the scientists in the space........prove me wrong! Crank out 1000 genomes of high quality. Crank out so many quality genomes that we can finally do something with them......I beg you JR.

Prove the Sherpa Wrong!

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