Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why did P&G invest in Navigenics?

I kept beating myself up, trying to figure out why the largest food/products company in the world put money in Navigenics. Was it for nutrigenomics? Was it for the captive audience to market products to?

Until today, when I read in American Medical news that Proctor and Gamble BOUGHT MDVIP in December of last year! Man how did I miss that one?

"Terms of P&G’s acquisition were not disclosed. It was made by P&G’s FutureWorks unit, a new-business generator that’s intended to connect the company with external partners and expand P&G’s scope beyond its core businesses into new channels."

So, P&G is looking for the whole enchilada in personalized medicine here.

Too bad, Navigenics' tests are currently not useful. But maybe someday they will be......

The Sherpa Says: Navigenics is not the target. MDVIP was, so don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise...

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renatam said...

Aha! We finally caught you off guard! I should have sent you the link the day of the Navi investment last February! And, P&G also owns half a medical diagnostics company too! So, perhaps MDVIP isn't the sole focus/target? :)