Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Re-Reviewing the National Academies

After listening closely to Timothy Aitman of the Imperial College of London, it seems to me that the market for DTC is not in the United States.

It is in Jolly 'Ol England.

Timothy seems to be very Pro-DTC and Dr. Khoury(CDC), Dr. Ganz (UCLA) and Dr Korn (HARVARD) seem to firmly believe that regulations are needed and that they should be treated as one in the same with "Any other Clinical Laboratory that is offering similar services"

Frederick Anderson asks, "How far does this go? Does this go to the interpretation or the testing? Or Both?"

It seems to me that this panel is Pro-Regulation.

Timothy BTW is just a presenter, not a member.

My guess, National Academies will conclude that the regulation of these companies currently is not up to par. In fact, they may conclude it is an area in dire need of further regulation. What will that mean?

The business models of these companies will shift towards research focus. OR, they will start medical practices.
Which is sad that they run away from regulation as opposed to actually sacking up, taking the charge and doing it the best they can. Ah, such is the fickle problem with Venture Capital......why take that risk of regulations with other people's money. Understandable.

The Sherpa Says: I will cover the Alzheimers stuff later. It is not as exciting as you may think.....

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Molecular Creativity said...

There was a recent update posted on the UK human genetics commission web site. There is a pdf to download asking for comments, in response to questions about direct to consumer genetic testing.

I think this is relevant and opportunity to make a comment formally to a UK commission.