Tuesday, May 11, 2010

GateKeeper? F! U!

Dan Vorhaus recently had a great post about the FDA coming in to carpet bomb DTC now OTCGenomics.

But what I am pissed off about is everyone using the term gatekeeper connoting a doctor required to do something.

What the FCUK do you think I am? A gatekeeper is a lot like a door man.

I don't get your bags.

I don't just open the door for you.

I am not profiting from the test that is ordered.

I am saving your f'ing life.

Stop calling me GateKeeper and call me what I am.

Doctor. Sworn to save your life.


Anonymous said...

GateKeeper != Doorman
GateKeeper = Bouncer

A Doorman would actually open the door for me. You're more like a Bouncer, telling me I'm not cool enough to see what's inside.

Steve Murphy MD said...

A bouncer connotes a low intellect meat head, which is why you may have picked it.

Further, it assumes you aren't cool enough to see it.

Why would I stop you from seeing your As/Gs/Ts and Cs.

NEVER would that be the case.

But, if you want medical care, yes come to me and I will give you medical care including diagnosis and counseling.

How is a medical diagnosis not medical care?

I am not a butler. I am an extremely skilled professional with nearly a decade of training.

I save lives. Seriously people. What don't you get about that?

I want you healthy and well. When you are well, I can sleep at night instead being up in an ICU titrating a levophed drip and weaning you from a ventilator.

Will FitzHugh said...

I can (mostly) understand your emotion about this, but maybe you should be a little more explicit about who you're directing your anger at. The Genomic Law Report doesn't seem to use the word gatekeeper as far as I can tell. Or are you talking about comments to that blog?

Andrew Y said...

No, I'm like the bouncer, but really, more like university admissions.