Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Couldn't you have picked a better Gene Set Berkeley?

I admire UC Berkeley for pushing the envelope. They have been doing it for decades. Encouraging risk taking, and defying stereotypes

But when I read about their summer research project I cringed.

Excuse me?

Ok, I get it, poor metabolizers will cut down on drinking so much, The UC saves on risk management insurance, win for the administration and win for the educators who will then "teach" about the findings......

What about that party-hardy freshman who has that timid roommate? well, the roommate just found out that she can process alcohol "just fine"

@KTVU news at 11. UC Berkeley student found dead after party.

"Well, it all started when she found her genetic test results meant that she could handle alcohol just as well as I could"-Dead Student's Roommate

Couldn't they have picked a better gene?

What were they thinking? I dunno, maybe they were blinded by Time Magazine. Well, the good news is that all Berkeley Freshman will all be entered in a drawing to receive a free test from, Guess Who?


The Sherpa Says: First Do No Harm


admiralfrogpants said...

well put. It seems like this Berkley dust up is a somewhat premature action of personalized medicine. You would have hoped that there would be many more success stories out there before a controversy of this nature came along. Oh well we struggle on (I enjoy your blog as I am developing a biotech to help in personalized prognostic and drug efficacy prediction - check us out here:

Andrew Yates said...

To credit Sergey Brin: the Brins pulled out their money. That is a kiss of death for most companies, and that must have been very hard for the Brins and Google to do. That the Brins pulled their money was the prompt for me personally to reconsider my stance on 23andMe, remember.