Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What about the SACGHS registry? Another missed opportunity?

Remember this? From GenomeWeb

“After extensive fact-finding, consultation, and analysis, the committee found significant gaps in the US system of oversight of genetic testing that can lead to harms,” SACGHS states in the report. “The committee also identified novel opportunities that would enhance oversight.”

What are these novel opportunities to enhance oversight?

"As reported by Pharmacogenomics Reporter in February, the establishment of a mandatory, web-based registry for all laboratory-developed tests is one of the main vehicles the committee is proposing in order to improve how the federal government regulates genetic tests [see PGx Reporter 02-20-2008]. "

The 21st Meeting of SACGHS will occur in February of 2010. I wonder if this recommendation has gone on deaf ears. With all the turmoil surrounding health reform, will HHS take genetic test regulation up? One of 3 or 4 things may happen.

1. Health reform happens, billions flow into HHS and they form a committee to set the SACGHS recommended registry up.

2. Health reform happens, they are so busy that this gets queued.

3. Health reform doesn't happen. Nor does the Registry.

4. Health reform doesn't happen, thus the HHS has the time and attention to set up this registry.

But what I really want to know is: "Will the HHS including DTC genomic testing give these companies a perceived seal of approval?"

Better yet, will these companies be listed?

PWC has said Personalized Medicine will grow at 11% (How the hell they come up with that figure g-d only knows) Do I think DTC genomics will be included in the growth? Probably not. This type of testing will not grow until it is less than 100 USD.

The Sherpa Says: Like I said before, unless PM can cure cancer or prevent HIV it is likely to be difficult to sell. No matter how many meetings Harvard/Scripps/Etc has. What needs to happen is promotion of physicians (like my group) who are actually implementing PM.

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