Monday, November 2, 2009

Away and now back, What did I miss???? 23andme layoffs? Selling Genomes for cheap up next!

23andSerge has layoffs, big surprise.

When Linda left, she had a tribe that left too. I am working on hiring one or 2 and will see what exactly was going on over there......Likely a huge cash bleed

GAPPNet has their first meeting, which I missed.

I will email Dr. Khoury and find out how it went.

Daniel MacArthur pointing out that 23andSerge could have bashed bad science, yet instead promoted it......No surprise there either.

It looks like 23andSerge fired the engineers and scientists.....and kept the PR and marketing wonks.......

Well, in the end it is crystal clear

It turns out the
lawyers questioned this as well as Misha.....Turns out, if you took the genome, then you probably can sell it.......better yet, if you "acquired it via firesale" you also can probably sell it and break all kinds of "terms of service"

What's important? Not having your genome sold off? What's important? Being able to be certain the person who has your information won't sell it to the highest bidder......Now do you see why it is important to have a doctor involved in this? We CAN'T sell it off. Even if we wanted to. It would be against the law......10 years in Folsom or 250,000 USD......OR BOTH!

The main problem is that a lot of people are confusing things.

What is important IS "What is important" not cocktail parties, blimps or CEO's from insurance companies

(hmmm, I wonder what
Navigenics is thinking about doing with it's company?) Maybe Humana wants Navi, to profile their patients?

The Sherpa Says: Companies are most dangerous to their customers and the public when the chips are down. They often do unthinkable and crazy things........for cheap. Anything to survive, that is the motto of the startup. Do or should they have any loyalty to you, AFTER they already have your money? No, unless legally bound.....This is yet another reason why a doctor should be involved here.

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