Saturday, November 14, 2009

An argument 23andSerge can't win...23andme but not medicine

"As I had postulated before, in order to move towards a profitable direction the DTC companies would have to choose "Medically Relevant" or "Novelty Testing" From this recent email sent to me by a reader it is clear, 23andME is Choosing to become a clinical service, without accepting the clinical responsibility."

This from my post February 14 2009

That was the day the announced that they were doing BRCA testing. Since then we have created a little video that may now be running through the silicon valley.........


Because, at the Spittoon (brrrrrrr-ding) they have announced that they will be splitting their service into 2 different types of tests

The first "A Novelty Test" which will be solely for ancestry.
23andMe Ancestry Edition – $399

The second "A health test" which will be solely for medicine while still disclaiming it is not.
23andMe Health Edition – $429

"With the launch of the 23andMe Health Edition we are releasing 13 new carrier status reports. These reports will help you know more about what may be in store for the next generation. We are expanding our cystic fibrosis panel report to cover the full panel of mutations recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics, as well as several additional mutations. We will also be providing data for most of the mutations routinely screened for in the Ashkenazi Jewish population, including those associated with Tay-Sachs disease, Canavan disease and Bloom’s syndrome.

We are also continuing to expand our drug response offerings. The next report to come out, Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency, contains information for anyone who will be undergoing surgery."

Ok, a couple of things.

First-This health test IS a MEDICAL test. I have sent off CF carrier screening medically, I have also sent off for Malignant Hyperthermia testing as well.........

Each has their own limitations which I have had to counsel patients about........For an hour a piece.

Second and more importantly, this appears to be another price change for the 23andME service.

If it turns out this company gets eaten up by Google, I am certain google will then own your genome scan data.....So I have one thing to say to the consumer

"If you want google to own your genome data, then by all means buy a 23andMe test"

Buyer beware here, please. I only ask and beg the proper authorities to uphold the current laws and regulate appropriately to protect the public health and welfare.

Why do I say this? Because a BRCA test or a CF carrier screen which was inappropriate that has been performed already on the public, without medical regulation, or without proper medical guidance could cause harm.

Lastly, this is likely a salvage play to keep the ancestry service before the feds come sweeping in......shut the medical service down.

I am certain.

Well, at least they (Feds and 23andSerge) have heard us........we only grow stronger because we are correct and hold to the theory that "What's Important IS What Is Important"

The Sherpa Says: Democratization is important, but so is not dying.......Why mix hair color with BRCA testing? I am glad Serge sees that too.......But now that leaves the health test as "Not for Fun" Looks like quite a change in defense of Mountain View's medical practice without doctors.....

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It's a price increase, not decrease.