Friday, February 6, 2009

Recessionary Discretion......HotCoupons4U!!


I am a big fan of the race to the bottom. At least in the case of SNP scanning. We have seen Navigenics drop their price, deCode drops off the earth and 23andMe???? Well, in a discretionary move they show use the true value of SNP scans.....

I give you HotCoupons4U.....The 23andMe special, pay close attention...

From the website.....

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Now correct me if I am wrong, but aren't they charging 399 USD for their at most 23andMe thinks that their test is worth........199 USD AT MOST!!! Oh wait, this is off their family pack.....Oh, you know the one, where Anne Wojicki says you can drug your kid with benadryl for fun....and the same one where they say collecting your child's DNA is tough with the spit kits.......

Why would they lower prices even further? Because its your genome they want....not your money!!!!!

How it works:
1. Order a kit ($399 USD) from our online store.
2. Claim your kit by the claim code, spit into the tube, and send it to the lab. (The claim code is the 12-character code on the front cover of your green Spit Kit box. )
3. CLIA-certified lab analyzes your DNA in 4-6 weeks.
4. Log in and start exploring your genome.Learn more from discount codes for 23andme: “spit party” or "SPIT"

I would like to add:

5) Release your genome into the wild and allow 23andME to profit off your folly without HIPAA protection or a certificate of confidentiality, like the one awarded the CPMC......

The Sherpa Says: Ahh Yes, it is coming in clearer now. The cost of a SNP scan is Zero US dollars.....until we prove it has value. Add on top of that the 1000 USD Genome and we will soon see that the real commodity is the interpretation and ongoing services revolving around your genome that will matter........Just like Thomas Friedman said about the Internet.......


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