Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ever heard of an accountant? Death Knell to Obamacare?

I am sure you all must have heard. Tom Daschle, Washington insider, former Senator bungled his taxes and ended up having to step down from his likely post as HHS Secretary and Health Czar for the White House....Many are left wondering if this dealth a death blow to Obamacare.

I have been asking myself, how can a simple guy with medical practices, some medical school debt, dependants, retirement accounts, another couple of LLCs, a successful consultancy and a college savings plan manage to get his taxes right, but a guy who got paid a zillion dollars and the tax troubles stemmed in part from failing to pay tax on his consulting income, in part from taking too many charitable dedications, and in part from use of the car service.

Hasn't he ever heard of an accountant. What about H&R block, they stand by their tax returns......maybe that would have bailed him out? Daschle should have known better

I mean, what self respecting politician, filled with ambition would make such a rookie mistake as not paying his taxes...............Geithner

So now like many personalized medicine believers who knew that Daschle had the connections to get this through, you must be asking reform dead? Is there any chance for personalized medicine in the first 100 days?

My answer is Yes.

We are already doing personalized medicine in one form or another. I plan on continuing to consult with companies and get them on board. I am building out what I like to call our Command HQ offices in Stamford Connecticut. There we will be seeing primary care patients and proving once and for all that we can not only talk the talk with consultations, but also walk the walk as a primary care team.

Yes, this model IS patient centered genomic healthcare......plain and simple. We will do our damnedest to PROVE this works in any primary care practice around the US. Zak Kohane is working on how to best integrate this into an EMR, the world is moving forward, with or without the government. Coriell is studying how It works.......

Will the government jump on board? Of course they will, President Obama will find a new candidate and the show will go on.

So who are the new horses in the race.......this November post of the WSJ blog sums up some of the candidates.....

One thing is for certain, we are doing personalized medicine right now, it's just not evenly distributed will be.

The Sherpa Says: Fear not true believers, we have merely come to a fork in the trail, not a dead end.


RWW said...

Francis Collins, M.D. is looking for a job.

Steve Murphy MD said...

That would be too political for his tastes.....

He would like to be "above" that sort of fray. Besides, what you would need here is maybe a primary care guy like.......Howard Dean...