Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Markets being analyzed....

I was recently invited to participate in a survey for concierge practices. Since we run Genomic Medicine/Personalized Medicine practices in New York and Connecticut I agreed. Then the questions came..

Which Services Do you Offer Your Patients?
Choose all that apply:
-Comprehensive annual physical exam

-Referral for assessment at an executive health clinic

-Genetic testing
-Onsite or home blood draw
-Fitness assessment
-Onsite physical therapy or fitness programs
-Nutritional assessment and counseling
-Nutritional supplements
-Onsite body scan or offsite referral
-Biophysical blood test
-Tests from Berkeley Heart Labs
-Specialty blood work assessing hormone, receptor, protein, vitamin levels, or other for prevention/wellness purposes

What kind of genetic testing do you utilize in your clinical decision making, if any?

What has been your experience with genetic testing?

Choose all that apply:
NA/Have NOT been involved with genetic testing

I have ordered genetic testing for my patients
I keep up with current literature on genetic testing
I have done past research in genetics
I have participated in Continuing Medical Education (CME) units on genetics
I have taken classes in genetics after residency
Other If other, please specify:

How comfortable are you answering questions from patients about genetic testing?

-I am a genetic specialist or an expert in genetic counseling

-I have some expertise in genetics and genetic testing
-I would work with the patient to research information
-I prefer to work with a genetics expert, then deliver that knowledge to the patient myself
-I would likely refer this patient to a genetic specialist
Other If other, please specify:

Would you support a patient’s interest in obtaining a scan of their genome that would identify their risk of developing certain health conditions?

Yes, I would recommend it

I wouldn’t mind if they did it and brought in the results to discuss
I would not recommend it and would not review the results, but I would be fine with them doing it
No, I would NOT support this

What would be your biggest concerns about genome scanning for health conditions?

Choose all that apply:
NA/No concerns

Not convinced of the value
Not convinced of the reliability
Security of patients’ data
Unnecessary patient anxiety
Uncertain link between results and outcomes
Regardless of finding, my recommendations for a healthy lifestyle will not likely change
I want to wait until more of my peers use these tests
Other If other, please specify:

What potential value do you see in genomics testing for your patients, if any?

What would you want in order to feel more comfortable recommending genomics screening to your patients?

Choose all that apply:
NA/Would NOT recommend for any reason

Clinical evidence
Testimonials or endorsements from medical leaders I respect
Patient testimonials
Journal articles
Co-partnership with leading academic research center
Conference abstracts/presentations
More training for physicians to better understand the risk factors sometimes uncovered in the test
Easy to access support or informational services for patients
Easy to access support or informational services for physicians
Other If other, please specify:

From which medical leaders would you like to see testimonials or endorsements regarding the efficacy of genomics screening?

The Sherpa ;)

What criteria would you use to select patients for whom you would consider recommending genomics testing?

Choose all that apply:
Patients with limited family histories

Patients who would benefit from a focused approach to lifestyle modification
Patients who require additional motivation to adhere to primary prevention strategies such as for cardiovascular or metabolic diseases
Patients in need of a complete wellness and prevention plan
Patients seeking enhanced personalized screening programs such as for cancer or ophthalmic disease
Patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases like Celiac disease or Crohn’s Age
Level of income
Personality of patient
NA / Would NOT recommend screening
Other If other, please specify:

The Sherpa Says:

This report was designed by an Investment guess....with a price point for testing at 2500 USD....I think we know who this was.....It seems to me that the market is finally being analyzed...... Which is a good thing. My problem is with question 26....Since when does Income Level serve as an indication or serve as criteria to perform a genetic test? ACHHH! The results of this survey would make a great blog post......I asked those guys for the results....maybe they will let me blog about it!

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Andrew said...

"Since when does Income Level serve as an indication or serve as criteria to perform a genetic test?"

Since when "genomic medicine" became "personal medicine" became "premium medicine."

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