Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christina and Jessica beat BRCA1

I certainly hope my friends at Speigel and Grau get in contact with Christina Applegate. As I suspected and mentioned on August 7th......It seemed, based on the limited family history I had, that Christina Applegate was a BRCA carrier. Today, I find out I am correct.

This is timely news as Helix Health of Connecticut is now releasing the CliniCast from May 21st 2008: "How Genomic Medicine is Changing the Management of Breast and Ovarian Cancer". Interestingly, this was the day which GINA was signed into law. In fact it happened right when Jessica Queller announced to the world that doctors who are "too old" to learn genetics should retire.

Well Jessica, I am here to teach those doctors.....If they don't want to learn, then I agree. They should retire.

If you want to learn more or even take a listen to our CliniCast, you can pre-order them here.

In addition, if you are listening Christina, you can get a copy today. Just email me at thegenesherpa@gmail.com

Ms. Applegate is scheduled to appear on a one-hour TV special, "Stand Up to Cancer," to be aired on ABC, CBS and NBC on September 5 to raise funds for cancer research. I am looking into how I can help with this fantastic fundraiser.

The Sherpa Says: BRCA is scary, breast cancer is even scarier. When you know your risk, you can detect disease early and even prevent it in the first place. That is the definition of Personalized Medicine.

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