Monday, July 21, 2008

Brave New Epigenome

Daniel at Genetic-Future asks "Which baby do you want? A dilemma for the 21st century parent-to-be"

There is a lovely recap of an article from Nature News.....from Daniel's blog,
Nature News has an intriguing article on the next three decades of reproductive medicine: essentially a series of short musings from scientists working in the field about the issues we will be facing in 30 year's time.

I would say we are facing issues with this technology today. I just saw an IVF baby without a large intestine. I brought up an issue here that is not so well tracked or publicized. I mentioned in the comments that there is evidence of increased risks of birth defects and epigenetic changes that include overgrowth syndromes......But what I found out a few days ago sent chills up my spine. It turns out my institution's REI group is not tracking these "congential anomalies" as part of due process......not good. At least someone is...

What is the evidence for or against?

  1. Here is a nice review....preimplantation and risk to epigenetic modification.
  2. A nice n=1 review of the promise of PGD for aneuploidy.
  3. Increase in genetic mutations after ART with normal sperm
  4. ICSI not so good.
  5. A Great NEJM review that is a must read! This one is good too.
  6. Not just risky for the baby. The mother is at risk too.

The Sherpa Says:

These were the highlights when I pubmed searched IVF and congenital outcomes.....There are many more indicating the risks. I wonder if all patients are properly counselled about these things? Which baby will you choose? Great question....I don't have the answer. But it seems to me, neither do the REI specialists......

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth would your institution not report congenital abnormalities after IVF has been done?