Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Genomics Into the New Year

What will the New Years bring genomics. Well, I have had my ear to the ground and have some ideas.

First the obvious
1. GINA will be passed by hitching a ride on another bill. How sad is that?
2. Navigenics will enter the fray and telemedicine will have a whole new face. What that face will look like is yet to be completely determined.
3. One of these companies will get sued

Next the less obvious
1. Academia will start to market personalized medicine
2. Helix Health of Connecticut will not be the only face to face private (non-Academic center) personalized medicine service...and they will be welcome friends. There are so many out there who need this.
3. Oprah will have her Genome sequenced ( I swear it will happen)...Obama too

Finally the inconceivable
1. Jim Watson will pass from this earth
2. A little unnamed startup will win the X-Prize
3. Mark Cuban will buy the rights to all of 23 and Me's genome database

The Sherpa Says:
To know the future we must look at the past. And if we fail to learn the mistakes from our past, we can always blame our genes. Or at least have the journalists tell us we can.

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