Friday, November 30, 2007

Maybe I am wrong...

So after talking with a pretty amazing reader today. I was brought to some interesting conclusions. The first of these.

1. Maybe Corporate Genomics is not so bad after all.
I know...after all this must begin to say. "Is this Sherpa crazy?"
No, this is a critical assessment. What is the risk of using these services? Discrimination? Well, health insurance discrimination is a fallacy. Very few employers have discriminated genetically.
Changing a behavior to a more deleterious behavior? Well, the McD's fries might get eaten more often if you don't think you are going to get heart disease is a reality. Will this set of tea leaves be perceived as strongly as a physician's interpretation? Or will this get treated like it is......a suspect set of data. That is the real question. If the answer is that the public treats the computer the same as the trained professionals, then we will have true risk. This has not been proven yet. Nor has the benevolence of these companies. But I can't say guilty until proven innocent. Especially because I have 10 readers from Mountain View daily (on average)

2. Maybe Primary Care Physicians can learn to perform genetics
Huh? I know. I have data which states that it takes more than a year to learn these topics. But, I don't have data for year 2 yet. Maybe in year 2 we see a tremendous uptick in knowledge and skills. Maybe not. But, I cannot make sweeping claims without this data.

3. Maybe Google, Kleiner Perkins, Genentech, NEA are in this for the benefit of mankind.
Ok, now I am strecthing. But maybe they are? Google has been investing in earth-friendly companies, education companies....KP is investing in Personalized Medicine, We know how Genentech has revolutionized some parts of medicine.......

You see. Socrates is correct. We need to challenge that which is taken as fact.

The Sherpa Says: Doctor Oliver Wendell Holmes said "Man's mind stretched to a new idea, rarely takes it's original form" Maybe I am wrong.....Maybe I am not.....But you have to take both as possibilities.

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