Monday, November 12, 2007

I never realized

How a little blogpost can get investors excited. Since the Scienceroll and Now GTO posting I have been fielding a significant amount of calls regarding potential partners in Helix Health of Connecticut.

I have to admit, I am honored. But I also have to admit, I am surprised that these highly intelligent people never thought to call me before. I even do some consulting work for these groups, yet none asked about Helix Health of Connecticut.

Well, enough about me. What about personalized medicine? In case you missed it, Sequenom has been pushing the envelope lately. This new technology discussed here may remove the need for amnios....forever!

What is going on in November? Starting today, Burrill and Company has been discussing Personalized Medicine. I would love to hear from anyone who went to this conference! I am really sad that I missed this. I was planning on attending, but family came first :)

Harvard Partners Centers for Genetics and Genomics is hosting yet another conference "A Call to Action" is going to be held on November 29th. Lawrence Lesko, Mike Leavitt and Ralph Snyderman will be speaking. These are three speakers who have heard and loved. If you haven't this conference is a must!

This article from the Minnesota Star Tribune raises some questions and reminds us that not all support personalized medicine. We do have detractors. This is why we must not become a mutual admiration society. There is much work to be done to convince the public AND the health care field!

The Sherpa Says: Perceived competition is misperception. I think Berci has already pointed this out. We need to form partnerships to pilot this ship!


Berci Meskó said...

Amazing news, Steve!

You deserve this kind of attention. Keep on rolling!

Hercules said...

resist the siren call of the VCs if you value your independence, otherwise eventual serfdom awaits.... speaking as one who knows!