Friday, January 6, 2012

23andMe Buyer Beware, The Internet doesn't equal hippocrates

Ok, ok. I am not gonna tell you I told you so. But, I did.
Did anyone read my article in Nature Biotechnology? Did ya? 

Here is your freaking reality check. 23andME has your DNA. It has it hostage and it has your datapoints. And it can do whatever the hell it pleases. Including locking or cancelling your account.

They have enough data points for their robust database. They only need you sheep to keep paying 9 dollars per month or 108 dollars per year and 99 to start. 10 years? 1080 dollars. Even more than the first 999 USD they started with.

Well guess what? People everywhere are waking up to the charlatanism that was peddled by Silicon Valley Overlords.....

They have you, you are stuck. You have to pay FOREVER!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Even if you quit, they don't care. They Pwned you. And they still do. 

So what did the Sherpa say all of those years? Huh? No, not that their health reports are bull $hi!. But I did say that. No not that I was done posting on 23andMe. Clearly I am not.

But I told you about the Master Plan!

Even if you pull out your data, they still have it. End of story. You are powerless and have been duped. I am sorry. I wish you had listened

The Sherpa Says: Buyer Beware web sites giving you tests and testing your DNA. 23andMe and its company are not  to be trusted. Sorry, but the web has not  take the hippocratic oath!

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You don't have to have any subscriptions..