Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pulitzer Prize Winner Amy Harmon hosting ethical dilemmas!

How do you face life as a 22 year old if you carry a genetic variant for an incurable illness that will most likely strike in middle age?

That's right,

Amy Harmon is hosting a fantastic course that will be starting November 15th. You better hurry up and register because space is limited and closing on the 14th of November.

What will be covered?

The course will have weekly live online sessions with the instructor as well as self-paced lessons filled with original content covering the weekly topics. All live sessions and course material can be accessed directly within the online course.

Prenatal testing can go into deep detail about an unborn baby’s prospects for the future. How much of this do we want to know? To share?

These questions and more will be addressed. If there is one thing I know. Amy is certainly a fantastic teacher, educator, and discussion leader!

I do miss conversations like those with her!

You too can have that kind of expertise. Register before November 14th!

I am certain you will enjoy this set of topics and have directed many people this way already.

The Sherpa Says: Family history picks up life threatening disease, DTCG tests probably not so much. That being said, what's the ethical quandry with either? Ask Amy and find out!

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