Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Ho Hum for SNPs, FGFR2 and breast cancer risk.

The setting: Salvage of SNPs for Breast Cancer risk prediction published in JAMA yesterday.

The study: Women, 10306 with breast cancer mean age of Dx 58, 10393 sans breast cancer.

1. Highest OR is 1.3 to predict Estrogen Receptor (ER) Positive vs ER negative with rs2981582 and 1.24 for rs3803662
2. The rest of the results were so suspect that the authors didn't include them in the abstract

"Certain Established risk factors for breast cancer have similar or even greater effects on breast cancer incidence that the differences seen here" -The Authors about this study's predictive model.

Bottom line: What good is a predictive SNP analysis of ER+ vs ER- if you can do that with pathology most of the time?

"Indeed or estimate the top fifth for polygenic risk score is similar to that for women in developed countries with one first degree relative with breast cancer" -The Authors about the less than useful polygenic risk model they created when compared to family history

Heck even the authors admit, this stuff is great......For studying pathogenesis, but NOT FOR CLINICAL USE TO GUIDE PREVENTION PROGRAMS!!!

The Sherpa Says: Again, "You would be in the high risk of pretty much getting it".........Not a good way to do medicine or guide consumers guys.....

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Robert West said...

Ditto that. Almost resembles 'no real data'.