Friday, October 23, 2009

Did you get your kit? Thanks Dr. Rob from MedCo

I love and hate when GenomeWeb scoops me. I love it because I know someone else is out there assessing the field. But the competitive nature in me hates to be scooped......ah well, you can't win them all.

It turns out that Good 'Ol Dr. Rob and I agree, physician education is the key to get physicians involved in clinically important PGX testing.

Not only is education key, but maybe involving them in research about it may even be better.

A survey conducted by Dr. Rob's Team at MedCo and AMA just published at ASHG says so too.

"The survey, which was conducted in 2008, found that 13 percent of doctors had either ordered or recommended pharmacogenomic tests for their patients in the preceding six months"

That is about spot on as to what I told them about how many would be ordering tests immediately.

"There is a general lack of formalized pharmacogenomics training among physicians, the survey found, with 26 percent of respondents saying that they had received some form of education in the subject either in medical school or after graduation."

I taught pharmacogenomics to Yale and Yale Affiliated residents from 2007-09. I know that the ones who have learned are now actively looking up and interested in this stuff.

"98 percent of these physicians agreed that patient genetic profiles may influence drug therapy"

Obviously, they took pharmacology, the GET pharmacogenomics. It is not a big leap here!

"It's clear that there is wide acceptance that genetic testing has a role in patient care, but the need for formal training and education among physicians is necessary to obtain greater adoption and implementation of these tests in clinical practice. -Robert Epstein MD"

Precisely Dr. Rob, Precisely. No big surprise with the survey. But a big surprise in my mailbox......

Yes, a CYP2C19 study spit kit. MedCo is studying Effient vs Plavix with CYP2C19 testing, head to head.......

BooYah!! I just spoke with the Effient people the other day. They are keen on taking this market.

Now I just happen to be working on something that all of these interested and willing physicians will need.........

The Sherpa Says: Dr. Rob, I hope you are listening........It's time to execute.

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