Friday, September 26, 2008

Sherpa's Plan: Lack of Qualified Education Sources

I have received great response to our HelixGene Foundation. We are quickly building our community. It is so heartening to see everyone support this effort. It is frankly, breath taking!

Today I will be headed to a wonderful company. They are called Cine-Med. They are joining forces with the Sherpa to create Genomic CMEs. We have some great ones that are fast approaching launch.

My mentor told me that I am doing to much. But I have to tell you, I am not doing enough. I need your help. Help empower physicians to learn and practice Genomic Medicine!

Remember what I said about NCHPEG.....only 6 of 100 primary care physicians had ever heard of them. Instead they would rely on the Sunday NY Times. There has to be a better way! Either we launch a multi-million dollar awareness campaign for NCHPEG or we partner with someone who already has that recognition. I am working on that one too!

The Sherpa Says:
The NYT article on Sergey was the call to action! We need to act by uniting and guiding this field up the mountain!

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Alberto said...

The sherpa will need a lot of yak-power to get up that mountain! :-D I saw there are really few genetics residencies in the US, isn't that also a problem? How come the section "NCHPEG IN THE LITERATURE" stops at year 2006? Thanks for keeping us aware!