Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sherpa Reaches 20,000

Thank you to all of my readers. I hope we have hit a significant landmark. I know the climbing will be tougher now. I hope you too are prepared for the next phase of this ascent. Remember, getting there is only part of the battle.
The 24th edition of the Genie is up. 24 is my lucky number and this edition delivers, so check it out.

The news that I will announce has to be delayed until Thursday. Sorry, but the legal dept. just won't budge. As for the's a hint. National exposure.

I am dying to deliver my message and have been speaking to the public and the press about this topic. Lee, if you can hear me. Please give a call.

Some great things have popped up over the last week

  • The prostate cancer risk genes and Family history. Guess what? Family history doubles the risk which the genes confer. Big surprise!

  • EGAPP issues its guidance on ONCOTypeDX. Close to ready for prime time. MammaPrint, too soon to tell.

  • Six new genes and Cholesterol? Get the genetic tests? No. Go get your cholesterol checked.

  • Searching for your ancestry? Wind up finding cancer! If this happens to you give Helix Health of Connecticut a call

  • The Gene Count drops to 20k! Should be easy for Google to catalog that.
Stay Tuned!


Berci Meskó said...

Believe me, Steve! It's not a landmark for the gene sherpa. 1-2 months and you'll hit the magic number of 50,000... :)

Steve Murphy MD said...

Thanks Berci,
I hope so. Can't wait for you to come to Yale next month.