Friday, October 19, 2007

Shame on the Sherpa

I would like to take the time to apologize for being so absent. I have been pretty busy lately, although it is no excuse for not keeping you up to date with recent news (I don't consider Watson's racist rants news. Francis would never have said such things!). Frankly, I don't think there has been any exciting personalized medicine news/articles this last week.

However, there are some interesting new blogs and sites. I find one called Mydaughter'sDNA fascinating. I couldn't imagine having a daughter with a previously undefined syndrome AND to be a geneticist. For all who are interested in how genomics can and will play a role in the undiagnosable (Is that a word?) take a good look. Thanks to Bertalan Mesko, who pointed this out to me.

The Sherpa Says: This week is the calm before the storm. I hope all of you don't mind my lack of blogging mindless dribble. I am certain next week will bring huge news!

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